Carla Crow

Painter & Printmaker

Heaven's Gate

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"Heaven's Gate"

Acrylic on Barkpaper
25" H x 67" W

To Pause

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"To Pause"

Acrylic on Barkpaper
16" H x 24" W
~ SOLD ~


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Acrylic on Barkpaper
16" H x 24" W
~ SOLD ~

Carla Crow

Painter, Photographer and Printmaker


"A year ago my paintings began to change. An urge to “lighten up” the materials I was using brought me to try Gouache (gwash) paints.

Gouache pigments are similar to watercolor but modified to make it opaque....less transparent. When used on a bright white paper, the colors are luminous and luscious.

I prefer to use Arches paper which is made from pure cotton fiber and so durable it will remain beautiful and vibrant for centuries if handled properly.

At this same time, I was passing through a major life hurdle, having cared for my mother for 3 years until her death. This powerful right of passage, coupled with my meditation studies and practice, presented new subject matter for paintings and the images became very personal and small in size. Evolving spiritually, though the process of my artwork has been the focus of my painting.

May it always be newly unfolding!"

Carla Crow

September, 2014

Some of Carla Crow's original paintings were selected by the Hotel Hana-Maui (now the Travaasa Hana) to be used as the matrix for a very limited edition of Giclee prints to decorate the guest suites. If you would like to see these prints, click the link at the bottom of the page.

The artist creates visually provocative paintings and prints which include tangible cultural and sometimes metaphysical imagery. Her work may be based on a specific theme, or may include symbols borrowed from ancient cultures, what the viewer SEES is a highly personal interpretation.

In recent times, the Tibetan carpet-weaving industry has moved to Kathmandu in Nepal and Dharmasala in India (at the foot of the Himalayan Range) with the forced diaspora of the Tibetan people.

The carpets that are in the Hana Coast Gallery collection were designed by Carla Crow and then custom woven by Tibetan master weavers who have been passing their highly skilled craft down through many generations.

Tibetan sheep, wild and hardy, freely roam the Tibetan plateau at elevations higher than 14,000 feet. Their wool is not commercially processed, but rather it is carded and made into wool yarn all by hand. The fibers are long and strong and there is a very high lanolin content. Thus, cleaning is easy.

Because Tibetan wool is one of the finest, most durable wool in the world, these rugs are supposed to last at least three generations. These rugs will withstand punctures, mold and shedding. Care is taken that only fade-resistant dyes are used.

High quality hand-knotted 100 knot count Tibetan rugs do not pack down, flatten or become shiny when they are repeatedly walked on. They age beautifully, becoming richer with time; thus, they are a wonderful addition to any heirloom collection of decorative art.

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