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Located at Travaasa Hotel Hana Maui

Where We Are and What We Do

A Highly Acclaimed Art Gallery In The Middle of Nowhere?

You wouldn't usually think of one of America's most respected cultural art galleries being so hidden away. But that's where you will find the Hana Coast Gallery, out in the middle of "nowhere".

"People ask me ... 'aren't you a little off the beaten path for such a famous art gallery?', chuckles art consultant and managing gallery director Alesia Chow "And I tell them that as a matter of fact, we are further away from EVERYWHERE than any other place in the world!".

Indeed, the Hawaiian Islands, surrounded on all sides by nearly 2,500 miles of water to the nearest land mass, is certainly one of the most remote spots on earth. And add to this the fact that the little town of Hana, on the Eastern tip of the Island of Maui, is just about the most far removed and difficult spots in Hawaii to reach. Hardly a place to showcase art, or so one might think. But beauty and artistic craftsmanship fit perfectly in Hana, which is often called "The Most Hawaiian Place." And Hana's art gallery, highly acclaimed by collectors and critics alike, is the perfect place to display the cultural art of the far-distant Hawaiian Islands, Polynesia, and the Orient.

International Art Gallery Review:

"In legendary Hana on the Island of Maui, Hawaii, is found an unexpected treasure trove of original art and finely crafted handwork. The critically acclaimed Hana Coast Gallery, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, serves visitors and island residents alike as a regional showcase of fine art and native handcrafts. It also acts as a 'visual passport' to the host culture for guests of the famed Hotel Hana-Maui, where the gallery is located.

"This is not, however, your typical hotel or resort gallery space. Nestled between the ocean and the rainforested slopes of a dormant 10,000 foot volcano, Hana Coast Gallery occupies its own freestanding building within the lushly landscaped grounds of Hotel Hana-Maui, a hidden-away tropical resort frequented by celebrities and world travelers for over 50 years.

"The gallery itself is invitingly warm, intimate, and sophisticated, with a carefully chosen collection of artists, master artisans and jewelers. The gallery space of nearly three thousand square feet is broken up into a series of exhibition rooms, where both fine art and hand-crafted objects are displayed.

"Within the gallery itself, and by means of its Internet web site pages, the Hana Coast Gallery exhibits a group of highly talented, well-collected island artists and artisans creating beauty in such an array of media as: Paintings (oil, watercolor, acrylic), Original Prints (20th & 21st century), Sculpture (wood, stone and bronze), Fiber, Glass, Hawaiian Featherwork and traditional and contemporary Turned Wood Bowls. The gallery is also noted for its collection of custom bench-made furniture handcrafted from rare Hawaiian Koa wood.

"Travel & Leisure Magazine, in their Annual World's Best Edition, acclaimed Hana Coast Gallery as being 'The Best Fine Art and Craft Gallery On Maui'. We agree!"

New York Times Review:

This gallery is a good reason to go to Hana: It's an aesthetic and cultural experience that informs as it enlightens. Tucked away next to the posh hideaway Hotel Hana-Maui [Ed. Now known as the Travaasa Hana Hotel], the gallery is known for its high level of curatorship and commitment to the cultural art of Hawaii.

The 3,000-square-foot gallery is devoted entirely to Hawaii artists. Dozens of well-established local artists display their sculptures, paintings, prints, feather work, stonework, and carvings in displays that are so natural they could well exist in someone's home.

In response to the ongoing revival of the American Crafts Movement, gallery director and exhibit curator Alesia Chow has expanded the selection of koa-wood furniture with a Hawaiian Japanese influence. Stellar artists Stephen Hynson from the Big Island and David Fitch from Maui are among those represented.

Connoisseurs of hand-turned bowls will find the creme de la creme of the genre here: J. Kelly Dunn, Todd Campbell, Gregg Smith and Ed Perrira. You won't find a better selection anywhere under one roof. The award-winning gallery has won accolades from the top travel and arts magazines in the country and has steered clear of trendiness and unfortunate tastes.

So that's who we are. Now, how about meeting some of our artists and artisans?

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