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Listed below are a few of the artists we are currently featuring online.
(not all of our artists are listed)

Clicking on the artist's name or image will take you to that artist's web page.
There you can learn more about the artist, check out their exhibitions,
and view digital photographs of their works.

Brent Cotton
Contemporary Regional
Oil Painter
Shaun Fleming
Maui Woodworker and
Furniture Maker
Dr. Sue Nash
Hawaiian Petroglyphs

Mats Fogelvik
Furniture Maker

Fred Kanoho
Contemporary Hawaiian
Master Stone Carver
J. Kelly Dunn

Margaret Bedell
Watercolorist & Printer
Joyce Clark (AOP, ISMP)
Highly Acclaimed
Oil Painter

Gary Reed
Landscape Painter
Kate & Will Jacobson
Hand-Painted Raku
Arabella Ark
Contemporary Regional

Ed Lane
"Exurberant Paintings & Prints"
Maui Landscapes
Ed Perreria
Contemporary Regional

Carla Crow
Contemporary Regional
James Stewart
Bronze Sculpture
Robert Lippoth
Furniture Maker
Hawaiian Koa Wood
DeEtte & Allen
From The Big Island
Koa Wood Jewelry Chests"
Renee K. Coates
Paintings & Prints
Of Hana, Maui"
Arya Azadi
Marble Sculpture
And Water Fountains
Melissa Chimera
Ma'o Han Hele No. 2"
Original Oil on Canvas

Susie Burnside Monroe
"Watercolors and Oils"
Maui Scenes
Christiana Skaggs
Sculptural Paintings
On Birch Wood
Tom Calhoun
One-Of-A-Kind Purse"
Rare Hawaiian Curly Koawood
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