Rik Fitch

From the Artist

Languid Hawaiian women laze drowsily in the ripe landscapes of Rik Fitch's Maui Paintings. Exotic jacaranda trees, heaving with bloom, preen in upcountry pastures. Crazy quilt fields of pineapple spill down the mountainside. The road to Hana town winds through stands of shell ginger, birds of paradise and red ti leaves. Still life florals drip with lush coloration, a profusion of tropical hues capture the tropical island landscape. Each generously applied brush stroke sculpts the pigment into dazzling views of Hawaiian flowers and plants. Rik's deep love for Maui's people, flora and fauna is reflected in his exciting and vibrant oil paintings. The result is a collection of paintings that fully express the beauty and dynamics of this vibrant island.

"I go out with a box of paints to a place that I find interesting. What is interesting to me involves many factors. It might be the light, the call of a bird or something in the wind that calls me to a spot. There is so much to see, in fact, that I must quiet the mind and trust in the landscape before me. My emotions play a big part in what I see. There is what is going on inside the self too. Am I limited to who I am? "You are what you paint: it has been said. I want to paint joy filled paintings so I must be joy filled. As an artist I have chosen to see the bright side of life. I find there is color and goodness in this world. Life is a dance and yes, I hope a whole lot of fun too. I do hope we can in some way make this world what we want. It is just my way of seeing."