Craig Allen Lawver

From the Artist

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Pointillism Paintings by Craig Allen Lawver

Craig Allen Lawver lives and works from his home and studio in Hawai'i. He travels frequently among the various islands that form the Hawaii archipelago and finds inspiration in the diverse natural landscape of this tropical paradise. He has exhibited and shown his work in galleries and art festivals in Florida, California, Oregon and Hawai'i. Pointillism is his chosen artistic focus and primary means of painterly expression.

Artist's Statement

Creating art is a purpose driven practice. It is unavoidably necessary to reach for that which is beyond immediate reward and instant gratification. Particularly when working in a style such as pointillism. The long hours and degree of intense passionate focus is unlike anything else I do in my life.

Getting to the Point

What style is this? What do you call this type of painting? The quickest answer to those queries would be to say "I am a Pointillist". But that would be an easy distillation of language and technique. Certainly terms such as "Neo-Impressionism", "Divisionism" and "Chromoluminarism" could also be applied to my work. "Pointillism" the term probably the most widely understood, was a brief artistic movement, mostly disseminated by Georges Seurat (1859-91). It required the use of tiny dots of color that, from a distance, blurred together into a recognizable image (think people on a riverbank). Seurat attempted to replace the emotional subjectivity of the visual process with a scientific objectivity based on the laws of optics. He explored the composition of color and form through the analysis of light and the breakdown of color into its constituent elements.

My painting is a path to those places where I find metaphorical nourishment and life-sustaining water. My work is my interpretation of the world around me and also a revealing of the lens through which I see it. This may not always be so clear to those who look at my work, but in a continuous cycle, these interconnected and interdependent forces give rise to each other and, in turn from within, I look out, to gaze again within.

- Craig Allen Lawver