About the Hana Coast Gallery

When Hana visitors have discovered the Hana Coast Gallery since 1990, many have wondered why the best known and most respected Hawaiian cultural arts gallery is located in such a remote location.  

The founding managing art director, Patrick Robinson, would expound, “We are located on an island 2500 miles from land, far removed from tourist areas in one of the most difficult locations to find, in Old Hana Town, known as The Most Hawaiian Place.  Where else could possibly be the perfect location to celebrate the beautiful cultural arts of the indigenous host culture?”

After 30 years of enjoying accolades such as “The cultural gem of all Hawaii,” visitors still ask why such a famous gallery is so far off the beaten path, to which the current managing art director, Alesiamae Ku’ulei Chow, replies with her melodic voice and aloha smile, “we are actually further away from EVERYWHERE than any other place, which makes it the perfect place to showcase our Hawaiian arts and island paintings.”

What Travel Writers Have Written

“In legendary Hana on the Island of Maui, Hawaii, is found an unexpected treasure trove of original art and finely crafted handwork. The critically acclaimed Hana Coast Gallery, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, is a regional showcase of fine art and native arts. 

It is a ‘visual passport’ to the host culture for guests of the famed Travaasa Hotel (formerly the Hotel Hana Maui), a hidden-away tropical resort frequented by celebrities and world travelers for over 70 years. 

“The gallery itself is invitingly warm, intimate, and sophisticated, with a carefully chosen collection of artists, master artisans and jewelers.”

“This gallery is a good reason to go to Hana: It’s an aesthetic and cultural experience that informs as it enlightens. Tucked away next to the posh hideaway Travaasa Hana Hotel, the gallery is known for its high level of curatorship and commitment to the cultural art of Hawaii.

The 3,000-square-foot gallery is devoted entirely to Hawaii artists. Dozens of well-established local artists display their sculptures, paintings, prints, feather work, stonework, and carvings in displays that are so natural they could well exist in someone’s home. 

The award-winning gallery has won accolades from the top travel and arts magazines in the country and has steered clear of trendiness and unfortunate tastes.