Matthew Wescott

Hana Coast Gallery Maui

From the Artist

Matt is a world traveler. He's been on Maui since 1966. He is attracted to Nature, and seeks out those special places in the world that nourish his soul. His bark creations take the viewer into another world, one that infers secret places and instills a feeling of wonderment in the viewers of his work.

When asked about his unique artwork, Matt says: “In my art, I try to place shapes into a composition so that everyone, from no matter what walk of life, can see what I see: secret places, power, beauty, or love, but most of all, a heartfelt enchantment with our beloved world.

Matt sees the things around him repeating other shapes - a small banana leaf helps form a waterfall, a larger one becomes a mountain. Another leaf creates a secret place waiting to be discovered. In the distance there’s a world of new horizons. Much of his bark sculpture is about hidden spaces - - the pool you can’t see, what lies around the corner. It is always peaceful, always serene and gentle . . . much like the artist himself.

When he starts a composition, Matt only has a vague idea of what kind of a mini-world he wants to build. He doesn’t use a layout or photos. He starts with a point and gradually enlarges it until he has created a complete scene. The size is always dictated by the composition itself.

As Matthew puts it: “Your own imagination and trusting your artist-within is the key to enjoying my art work. I try to evoke the world of the dreamer, which is within us all. This art is dedicated to building a doorway to your own inner world.”