Todd Campbell

Hana Coast Gallery Maui

From the Artist

Todd Campbell is of Hawaiian, Chinese, and Scottish ancestry. Growing up in the Makiki area of Honolulu and having moved to Maui in 1978. His woodturning is a self-taught art, influenced by many different cultures with the strong feeling of traditional Hawaiian craft. Described as “pottery in wood,” his beautiful, functional pieces have found their way into private and permanent collections worldwide. Architects, interior designers, and art connoisseurs highly seek his award winning pieces. His pieces have been in numerous juried exhibits and have won many awards throughout the years.

With over 40 years of experience, Todd Campbell is considered a “master” by many in his field. He has developed advanced woodturning methods to near perfection, creating massive, simple shapes that reveal the beautiful and intricate designs of nature. He works with the living essence of wood, delighting in the imperfections - a knothole, a whorl, a termite hole - that uniquely highlight each individual creation. Todd's "pottery in wood" has been enthusiastically accepted as a unique art form encompassing traditional and contemporary styles.

The woodturning methods developed by Todd are unorthodoxed: they involve a custom-made lathe & chisels, large lengths of trees, and plastic containers. Working primarily with Cook Pine, each piece requires approximately 9 months of preparation and crafting. A selected tree is cut into lengths,