Artists of the Hana Coast Gallery

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints by Herb Kawainui Kane
Herb Kawainui Kane

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Island Crimson by Artist George Aldrete
George Aldrete

Oil Paintings

Original Oil by Artist Lani Aldrete
Lani Aldrete

Oil Paintings

Original Oil by Artist by Pamela Andelin
Pamela Andelin

Oil Paintings

Arya Azadi - Dei Beneficio
Arya Azadi

Marble Sculpture

Source of the Night by Artist Margaret Bedell
Margaret Bedell

A Garden of Color

45" Handprinted Silk Table Runners by Joan Blackshear
Joan Blackshear

Silk Tablerunners

Coco85 Ring and Bangle 14kt by Artist Pamela Braun
Pam Braun

Hawaiian Jewelry

Alau Island Revealed by Artist Jan Bushart
Jan Bushart

Oil Paintings

Turned Cook Pine Vessel by Artist Tom Calhoun
Tom Calhoun

Wood Turnings

Original Acrylic by Artist Karen Camara
Karen Camara

Acrylic & Oil Paintings

Turned Cook Pine Vessel by Artist Todd Campbell
Todd Campbell

Turned Cook Pine Vessels

Joyce Clark

Oil Paintings & Prints

Valley View From Kepa Road by Artist Michael Clements
Michael Clements

Oil Paintings

Wasabi Palms by Artist Carla Crow
Carla Crow

Paintings On Bark Paper

Construct by Artist Karen Davidson
Karen Davidson

Cast Paper Sculpture

Platter of 19 Turned Wooden Balls by Artist Kelly Dunn
Kelly Dunn

Wood Turned Bowls

Mango Coffee Table by Artist David Fitch
David Fitch

Artisanal Wood Furniture

Original Oil by Artist Rik Fitch
Rik Fitch

Original Oils

Shaun Fleming

Premier Maui Furniture Artisan

Original Oil by Artist Joe Fletcher
Joe Fletcher

Original Oil Paintings

Original Acrylic by Artist Jim Freeheart
Jim Freeheart

Original Acrylic Paintings

Hana Harvest by Artist Carmen Gardner
Carmen Gardner

Oils and Watercolors

Original Watercolor and Pastel by Artist Cindy Gasztonyi
Cindy Gasztonyi

Pastels and Watercolors

Traditional Hawaiian Racing Paddles by Bob Getzen
Bob Getzen

Maui Master Woodworker

Original Hand Carved Fishhook by Artist David Haake
David Haake

Hand Carved Hawaiian Fishhooks

Natural Edge Bowl by Artist Kapahikaua Haskell
Kapahikaua Haskell

Large Turned Umeke

Hawaiian Heirloom Furniture by Artist Stephen Hynson
Stephen Hynson

Hawaiian Studio Furniture

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints by Herb Kawainui Kane
Herb Kawainui Kane

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Original Silk Painting by Artist Kuniko Kato
Kuniko Kato

Japanese Kimono Silk Art

Hand Built Porcelain by Artist Ausrine Kerr
Ausrine Kerr

Hand Built Porcelain

Koa Bangle by Artist Komo Koa
Komo Koa

Hawaiian Wood Jewelry

Hana Tree On A Hill by Artist Ed Lane
Ed Lane

Exuberant Paintings

Ti Plant by Artist Craig Allen Lawver
Craig Allen Lawver

Oil Paintings & Giclee

Multi Browns Feather Hatband by Maui Feather Artists
Maui Feather Artists

Traditional Hawaiian Featherwork

Original Oil by Artist Kari McCarthy
Kari McCarthy

Original Oils

Midnight Through the Palms by Artist Kim McDonald
Kim McDonald

Vibrant Island Paintings

Original Watercolor by Artist Cheryl McElfresh
Cheryl McElfresh

Original Watercolors

Bamboo Dreams by Artist Dux Missler
Dux Missler

Oil Paintings

Seaside Bungalow by Artist Linda Mitchell
Linda Mitchell

Oil Paintings

The Fisherman Kii Eha by Artist Joel Nakila
Joel Nakila

Bronze Sculpture

Limited Edition Giclee by Artist Sue Nash
Dr. Sue Nash

Hawaiian Petroglyphs

Original Oil by Artist Robert Lyn Nelson
Robert Lyn Nelson

Original Oil Paintings

Koa Clocks by Artist Debbie and Parker Nicholson
Parker and Debbie Nicholson

Koa Clocks and Koa Log Bowls

Original Oil by Artist Hilo Ohtakagi
Hilo Ohtakagi

Original Oil Paintings

Original Oil on Canvas by Artist Hans Olson
Hans Olson

Original Oil Paintings

Heirloom Koa Box by Artist Tom and Julie Pasquale
Tom and Julie Pasquale

Hawaiian Koa Boxes

Crossroads by Artist Jim Powlan
Jim Powlan

Hand-pulled Original Etchings

Hana Solitude by Artist Gary Reed
Gary Reed

Oil Paintings and Prints

Cody Roberts

Fine Art Landscape Photography on Acrylic

Digital Realism by Artist Tim Robinson
Tim Robinson

Digital Realism

Original Sumi-e Painting on Rice Paper by Vicky Robinson
Vicky Robinson

Watercolors, Sumi-e, and Mixed Media

Original Oil by Artist Jan Shaner
Jan Shaner

Original Oil Paintings

Christina Skaggs

Sculptural Paintings

Segmented Wood Turning by Artist Gregg Smith
Gregg Smith

Artistry in Wood

Hana Coast Gallery Maui
Gaylord Stadshaug

Hawaiian Heirloom Furniture

Hand Sculpted Bronze by Artist James Stewart
James Stewart

Bronze Sculpture

Green Breadfruit Short Silk Jacket - Back View
Sarai Stricklin

Silk Batiks

Original Oil by Steve Sundram
Steve Sundram

Original Oil Paintings & Giclees

Hana Coast Gallery Maui
Maggie Sutrov

Original Watercolors

Honu Infinity Fine Art Photography on Metal by Artist Michael Sweet
Michael Sweet

Fine Art Photography On Metal

High Mountain Original Watercolor by Artist Hiroko Thomson
Hiroko Thomson

Original Watercolor on Gold Paper

Celtic Grand Lace #431-70 Ocean Art Jewelry by Artist Varsha Titus
Varsha Titus

Handwoven Bracelets

Crystalline Porcelain Green
Robert Troost

Crystalline Porcelain

Crown Of The Amazon Limited Edition Giclees by Artist Darryl Trott
Darryl Trott

Limited Edition Giclees

Mobius Scultpture Monkeypod
Bruce Turnbull

Maui Sculptor

Original Hand Carved by Ricardo Vasquez
Ricardo and Joanne Vasquez

Maui Furniture Artisan

Turned Norfolk Pine Bowl by Artist Syd Vierra
Syd Vierra

Wood Turning Norfolk Pine

Rainbow Rocks Limited Edition Giclee by Artist Jan Welda Tong
Jan Welda Tong

Original Oil Paintings & Giclees

Paradise Found Fiber Form Sculpture by Artist Matthew Wescott
Matthew Wescott

Fiber Form Sculpture

Po'omaika'iHandcarved Wood Sculpture by Dale Zarrella
Dale Zarrella

Inspired Carvings & Sculptures