Hans Olson

Hana Coast Gallery Maui

From the Artist

Hans Eric Olson's vivid paintings evoke wonderful memories of times gone by, when island life was slower and the aloha spirit was more abundant. No where can this more leisurely pace and loving energy be found than in Hana, Often called"The Last Hawaiian Place."

The Hana coast is an intensely personal experience, a sensory overload of beauty that, an artistic inspiration, "says the artist, "I fell in love with Hana the first time I visited that beautiful rural area. The simple, small-town atmosphere and friendly people took me back to my childhood in Iowa, where I grew up. The awe-inspiring beauty of Hana continually stimulates my creativity and nourishes my soul."

"I paint because I cannot not paint, if that makes any sense. It is my spiritual path, one that delivers me from the stress of this crazy world. I love the experience– from sight to sound, from temperature to atmosphere, and then channeling all those feelings from head to hand, re-creating the vision in front of me on canvas. Painting takes me out of my mind and into real peace and happiness.

The true essence of Olson's art is that it allows each viewer and collector of his work to return to those special places, which the Hawaiians call wahi pana, that they love in the islands and through his artwork, preserve it forever in their minds.

Olson's paintings strive to capture moments of peace and tranquility , and to share them with us. The true essence of his art is to allow viewers to return to that special place in their minds and in their dreams.